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But, like all things in life, the spark isn't forever and eventually burns off.Lots of people seem to be under the impression that your relationship has to die along with the spark, but I beg to differ.It's what you have to look back on when times get tough, and you need a reminder of why you're going to get through this. But to be in a real, bonafide relationship, you need to have a whole lot more than a spark.BUT, the thing with the spark is, it sort of warps your vision. A romantic relationship is so much more than great sex and butterflies when he texts you.It's what makes your mind drift to him every time it gets a chance to wander.It's what makes you find ways to somehow work him into every single conversation you have with your friends.

It's what makes you feel so head over heels when you first fall for each other.You take comfort in knowing this person fundamentally wants the same things as you do at the end of the the spark. A similar idea of where you see your life together going?Do you have more than butterflies and good sex connecting you to this person? Can you depend on them to have your back when the going gets tough? Do you even Maybe you do feel connected to your partner in those ways, and it's your time to explore that part of your relationship further.It can happen when you take the time to learn a new side of them that makes you fall in love with them all is.Eventually, you won't even need those rose-colored glasses to feel a connection toward your partner anymore. You'll see him with crystal-clear, 20/20 vision — faults and all — and you'll still get those butterflies when he texts you.

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