Wsus not updating windows 8 clients

It seems that even though you have set the Detection Frequency to hourly, the client computer is not going to report its status hourly.

Indeed, it may not be until after a reboot of the client before it reports it status.

There are commands you can run to try to manipulate the Windows Update Client, however i have not seen any command that magically made a client device refresh status to WSUS before it was ready.

This includes /resetauthorization and /detectnow switches for the tool.

You want this process to complete as fast as possible, so, lowering the frequency from say 22 hours, to 1, means it might complete in 4 hours, instead of 4 days.

The reason for that is, it is not a permanent failure, the error just means it reached the max number of updates it can process this time around. It may then error 3 or 4 more times or as many times as it takes until it has processed the whole list of updates.I also have a WSUS Server i point client servers to which i decided to point some Windows 10 lab machines at.Neither of which were working to support Windows 10.We have to purge these updates out of the WSUS Database, which requires declining them deleting them and removing them from the DB using SQL Commands, once the hotfixes have been installed we can then download the updates again.If you are not if this step applies, you should make sure you have a full, tested backup of the server and then run through the procedure.

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