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A rain of silver tinsel was released over the crowd to create a tarred-and-feathered effect.

We must have looked frightening, and ridiculous, as we wandered into the night. At the time, Brian Hugh Warner (the performer known as Marilyn Manson) would have been 30 years old and freshly engaged to 25-year-old geek chic indie actress Rose Mc Gowen. I managed to find online and played the album from start to finish, while speed-reading up on the tour.

James had been there the second time I saw Marilyn Manson live.

It was March of 1999 on the Beautiful Monsters tour, when the headline was shared with Courtney Love’s band, Hole.

James and I had settled for an otherwise objectionable pub two blocks from the venue.

I eyeballed the small group waiting outside the theatre: a few chunky platform boots, a coat with far too many buckles to be practical, but at a glance, the crowd could have been there for Phantom of the Opera.

As I passed, the door of the closest bus opened and I slowed my pace in anticipation. He had on a trucker cap, a fleece vest over a t-shirt…In 2004, he would find himself again offering up an antique diamond ring. We made scintillating small talk about real life, how tired/busy we are. The lobby, well lit for its usual clientele of bifocal-equipped opera-goers, was flooded with rowdy rock fans, slippery in leather and simmering in the fervour of the crowd.This time, wedding pictures appeared in Vogue, the two figures bone-white behind the bride’s giant purple Vivienne Westwood skirts. Manson complained von Teese worked too much, and wanted him to sleep at normal times. “I came out of this naked, a featherless bird,” Manson reported. Evan Rachel Wood was 19-years-old when they started dating. More brazen concertgoers arrived — a platinum blonde and a guy sporting stretched lobes and frosted tips. He looked more like he was going to see Crazy Town. In the concession line, we watched as two 40-something men in smeared eyeliner hollered their drink orders.In the mosh pit, we waited to see if Manson’s stilt-clad body, slumped over an oversized podium, would recover from the performative shotgun blast that sent a surge of fake blood into the audience.A sudden flood of light showed the girl in front of me. The blood hung wet in her blonde, braided buns, which were pinned up like horns on a teenaged cherub.

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Shocking to no one, the storm of personalities between Manson and Kurt Cobain’s widow drove the grunge princess to ditch the production after only nine performances.

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