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Then, Spencer revealed that he was not Ryan's biological father.

Other Aliases: [HW Donna Swajeski gave him the name "Ryan" to signify that he was a rebel and the opposite of his brother, Grant.] FAMILY Parents Up until 1992, Ryan believed that Spencer Harrison was his father.

In October 1995 Ryan died from a gunshot wound inflicted by his brother Grant Harrison.

His corneas were removed and donated to Bobby Reno.

“We have a lot of belief in each other’s games, and it’s great to be on the same team.From 1996-1997, Ryan's spirit returned to roam the earth.In February, his soul was seemingly transferred into the body of Carl and Rachel's baby.Eventually Ryan's loved ones found out the truth and exacted their own revenge. Ryan never got to meet his older half-brother, who was killed in 1985. Other Relatives Andrew Hutchins (RIP), paternal grandfather. But Ryan was able to convince her that he had genuine feelings for her and they enjoyed a relationship for several months.Bit by bit, however, Vicky began insinuating herself in Ryan's life, and Brett was forced to realize that Ryan would never be over her.

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