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In this provocative and highly personal book, bestselling author Naomi Wolf explores a subject that has long been taboo in our society: women's sexual coming-of-age.Promiscuities brazenly exposes the truths behind the conflicting messages directed at young women during and after the sexual revolution.Drawing on her own experience and that of her friends, raised in San Francisco in the late 60s and early 70s, she highlights the ambivalence in contemporary culture—and the mixed messages given to girls—about female sexuality and what it means to become a woman.On the one hand, a girl is encultured to deny her sexuality and become a mother and a solid Naomi Wolf, author of the best-selling The Beauty Myth, describes the joys, agonies and uncertainties of growing up female in the United States.I am on sort of a "should I go back to Grad school, independent feminista reading fest" and I am really shocked at all that (what one former acquaintance nicknamed the book) "Promise Cuties, Promiscuities" lacks. More thoughts after I give the book and the ensuing chapters the attention they deserve. The chapters on violence and AIDS make me want to put on my docs and go stomp.If I push myself to think back to the Clinton days, I still feel kind of retro-fied. Apart from a subtle insinuation that HIV opens one up to risk from all of her partners, partners = women are slutty, these are really well done, from both the personal and the political movement perspective.-we need rituals to dema Naomi Wolf is my favorite ball bustin' ass kickin' renegade.

Every person raising a daughter should read this, and when she's old enough give it to her to read too.Still feeling a bit dated, but very very powerful stuff. I think, however, beginning the book with the notion that it is part memoir - Wolf is the one who secretly struggled for Womanhood - helps the read. '" Odd that Carrie Bradshaw should be the voice I hear following Wolf, no?Also remembering that the third wave (and its pop culture foes and icons) have done a lot of work on female sexuality in the 12 years since Wolf wrote Promiscuities. Naomi Wolf is my favorite ball bustin' ass kickin' renegade.On the one hand, a girl is encultured to deny her sexuality and become a mother and a solid middle-class citizen (who is then sexually discounted), and on the other hand she is encouraged to be a sexy Barbie doll or Penthouse centerfold whose purpose it is to attract men and who is always on the verge of falling into slutdom. In resolving this dilemma she has no help: the grown-ups, pursuing their own adolescent fantasies, have long since abdicated their parental responsibilities.There is no instruction; there are no coming-of-age rituals.

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