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What appears as an artistic block for him turns out to be a kind of existential terror. Link provided."YOU are Mrs Adam Chandler and as such, I don't want you EVER to set foot on this place again, do you understand that? I'm sure you all agree with me - we do not care to cater to the kind of riff-raff that pollutes our environment! "I thought gray hair looked good on him color-wise.. What he needed to do was change the cut, and keep the sides shorter.I think he tried to keep it longer and poufier to hide his fuller face and receding hairline and it just looked like he was clinging to an 80's style cut.He could be a good actor, but they seemed a bit reluctant to have him grow up on the show, and his character's goofiness was a little off once he clearly looked like he was in his 50's.Knight, a fan suggested that his GENERAL HOSPITAL character, Valentin, invite Tad and Dixie to Spoon Island for a dinner party! Having played Ruth and Joe Martin's adopted son, Tad, for decades on ALL MY CHILDREN, Michael E.Knight developed a close bond with Mary Fickett (Ruth), and like the rest of the daytime world, was...

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