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" He went over and got him and brought him over to me, and I said, "Oh my god, it's the guy on the record! He said, "Listen, I've got this tour I'm going to do in Japan. " I said, "Yeah, I am." So he called me up and sent me the records—Ziggy and Aladdin Sane—and told me to learn this and that. Also, he was British, and I had never dated someone from another country. When I did, his main thing was to figure out if he could produce me. He would go into the studio and he had a special way he wanted to record. We have a responsibility and a power." He used to teach me things.But I got this note before I was to leave out to meet them that the tour had been canceled. After we spent some time in the south of France, he had me come to London, put me in an apartment on Oakley Street, and we started recording in a studio the Astronettes material. That being said, he got along with all the musicians. How did your professional relationship turn romantic? It goes to show how conscious he was of living in public. He'd say, "Sit down and read this book" or "This is called German expressionism." He would just teach me things like that, and I appreciated it.After I got there, I went to Paris on a search for David—and I found him. He came over from the other side of the room and said, "Ava, don't drink any more champagne." I said, "Why? People wanted to touch him or speak to him or take his picture.

At some point, my manager came over and said, "David Bowie's over there! " I was not a professional singer at that point, but of course I wasn't going to say no. Yes, he was a perfectionist, not just about the studio work but also about how he looked, how he wrote, all kinds of different things.Even though I was in bed with them many times, I ended up just watching them have sex." Is that true? I told them I didn't say that, but it didn't stop them from writing it.It was not the sensational Mick and David having sex.Whenever we went somewhere, it was an experience because there were so many people who loved him, so many people who wanted to see him or talk to him.Was that exhausting—trying to vie with all the admirers for his attention?

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