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And how not to draw attention to yourself and your ex-girlfriends. Eric Emerson Schmidt is an American entrepreneur, who is a software engineer by profession.He managed to turn You Tube into a high profit-generating site that was formerly not a good source of revenue for its producers.Eric Schmidt also accompanies his fellows at conferences that are conducted to introduce various features of Google such as Google maps and Gmail.As per his professional life is concerned; Eric Schmidt along with Larry Page achieves great rewards and honors for their successful search engine Google.In addition, Google flourishes tremendously with Eric Schmidt as its co-founder. In 2003, he launches a platform for websites without Ad Sense that was self-serving advertising platform.

When Google recruits Eric Schmidt, he gets a gross salary of twenty five thousand dollars and his package also includes a performance based annual bonus.When in the year 2011 Schmidt leaves the position of CEO at Google, the company pays him a total of hundred million dollars in equity.Eric Schmidt is amongst the boards of directors for Apple on 28 August 2009.However, he resigns from this position in the year 2009.He resigns from Apple as there is severe competition between Apple and Google.

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