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But as much as Beyoncé and Jay-Z had managed to mostly fly under the drama radar during their first ten years together, as a married couple this would become more and more difficult as the scandals started piling up.Relationships with mother in-laws are known to be tricky, but with sister-in-laws, not so much.Having your family drama splayed out for the world to see is uncomfortable enough but when violence is involved matters get even worse.In surveillance footage from an elevator Beyoncé’s sister Solange can be clearly seen physically attacking Jay-Z in the confined space- with Beyoncé looking on in stunned silence.

Beyoncé allegedly took her time to warm up to the idea of dating Jay-Z, which somewhat explains how come the two took their sweet time to make their relationship public.Beyoncé also had a boyfriend at the time, but since her career with Destiny’s Child was taking off the two soon drifted apart- setting the stage for Jay Z to swoop in.The two clearly had much in common as two massive talents taking the Rn B and Hiphop scenes by storm, and have continuously collaborated together over the years.The wedding took place on April 4th 2008, and the number four has continued to play a big part in their relationship.They even got matching IV tattoos instead of rings for their wedding day.

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