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They're simulating what sex looks like for them on a typical night for director Ben Duffy's upcoming documentary, All of that dragging around the bed might seem aggressive, but it's necessary.Rockwood is paralyzed from the neck down, which means that she can't move her body into sexual positions without her boyfriend's help.When I was asking him about what it's like for him, an able-bodied person, diving into this world, he told me about a gentleman who was in a chair and talked to him about sexuality in the disabled community.I said, 'Oh my gosh Ben, you need to do a movie about this.' No one wants to talk about sex in a wheelchair. They’re too scared."He was hesitant at first, but every time I saw him I said, 'You need to do this.

Angela Rockwood lies still as her boyfriend reaches to grab her feet.

' There’s no book on that.""In rehab they show you a sex video that's very outdated.

It has this Richard Simmons-esque, '80s quality to it and shows positions for an able-bodied man with a quadriplegic woman, or a quadriplegic man with an able-bodied woman.

There isn’t that image of a woman in a chair being sexy.

There wasn’t anything out there that gave you that idea.

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For whatever reason, it didn’t happen., by trying to put the 'real' back in reality. Before that I was an athlete, a speed demon, and a runner.

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