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When the initial search for evidence gives you leads, follow up on those leads a la CSI.You don’t have to do forensic tests or interrogations.However, just be careful when you do this since, in the case that your suspicions are wrong, it will definitely tell your partner that you don’t trust them.[Read: 18 ingenious ways to catch a cheating partner in the act] #8 See if you can get information from friends.Evaluate your data further, and connect the dots to help you get a clearer picture of the situation.[Read: 18 signs that your partner may be having an emotional affair] #4 Gather more evidence.But if you suspect that on a certain day last week, your partner told you one story while a social media post told you another, confirm which one is the real story by trying to gather more clues.

If so, you may start to think that cheating is something your partner is just used to doing.Denial is not going to serve you in this situation, unless you are comfortable being in a relationship where you are cheated on. Doing so is your best chance to effectively face the situation, if your hunch is indeed correct. Even if you have to write some of it down to remember it all, collecting all the facts that you have about the situation can help you organize all of your information.Make a list of evidence that your partner is cheating, as well as a list of proof that he or she isn’t cheating.How to deal with a partner who might be cheating Instead of just pushing the thought out of your head, here’s what you should do when you feel like your partner might be unfaithful.#1 Force yourself to accept the possibility that your partner may be cheating on you.

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