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Instead of having chaotic bursts of stream of consciousness creativity, Tiago believes people can actually develop routines!One of the guiding beliefs behind Tiago's work is that the ideas that can improve everyone's quality of life are out there. In each episode I interview someone who has created their own career.The common thread through out the interviews is that my guests have figured out how to have time, location and income independence. Many of my guests are internet entrepreneurs who are doing really well physically, mentally, emotionally ect... In this video I interview Tiago Forte of Forte Labs.In a short period of time Tiago has been able to bring multiple innovations to the field or productivity and knowledge management. His flagship online course, Building a Second Brain, teaches creative professionals to organize their thoughts so they can increase their output.Tiago believes that everyone should be able to systematize creativity and creative output.Finally, Ethan gives his perspective on the most valuable skills for a data engineer.Basically, Ethan says that you must learn python and SQL.

His clientele includes multiple fortune 500 companies.In this role, Ethan was basically functioning as a product manager.Ethan was managing engineers and competing priorities for all the stakeholders in this project.Most of them are floating around inside of someone's head.If all those people with all those great ideas could just get organized, the world would be an even better place.

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