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As discussed in my post on the X.509 certificate, any version 3 certificate signed by a certification authority should have at least one entry under the "Authority Information Access" pointing clients towards a location where they can obtain the certificate of the signing CA to validate the relationship.

This path should be available to all clients that may need to validate certificates issued by or chaining to the CA.

This is a multivariate field that may consist of zero or more of the following uses: In some cases these basic key usages may not be enough to identify a very specific or important use of the public key.

To address this need, the X.509 standard provides an additional field called Extended Key Usage (EKU).

Key usage can be specified in either the "Key Usage" or "Extended Key Usage" attribute based on the validation requirements of the application.

The "Key Usage" field offers generic purpose validation based on the way an asymmetric key pair may be used as part of a PKI.

Some examples of extended key usages include: Another important part of validating a certificate is ensuring that it chains to a trusted root CA.Another example of this is when you receive a digitally signed e-mail; the e-mail signature is only valid if the sender's e-mail matches the e-mail address listed on the certificate (under RFC822 Name).In the initial two versions of the X.509 standard the only way to assert an identity was to use the "Subject" field of the certificate.When a CA issues a certificate the signing certificate's SKI is imprinted as the issued certificate's AKI prior to being signed thus asserting the relationship.To validate a certificate chain, the validating client must have access to every certificate up to and including the root CA.

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This concept is important to note when renewing the key pair on a CA since this is commonly done at around 50% of the CA's validity period meaning that certificates will need to access this path after key renewal occurs.

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