Validating xml file with xsd

XSD is a schema language; you use it to define the possible structure and contents of an XML format.

For complex XSD documents you might get thousands of objects created in your database schema.Hence let’s wrap this snippet in the try-catch block. 🙂 Ramandeep Kaur is a Software Consultant, having experience of more than 1.5 years.The above code reads XML and XSD paths and then validates the XML file with XSD file. She is a Java enthusiast and has knowledge of languages like C, C , C#, and Scala.The reason is that XML software should be small, fast, and compatible.HTML browsers are allowed to display HTML documents with errors (like missing end tags). A "well formed" XML document is not the same as a "valid" XML document. In addition, it must conform to a document type definition.

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XML documents can be validated against an XML schema definition language (XSD) schema in an Xml Schema Set.

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