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As you can see, it looks just like a Code Behind file for a regular page, except that it inherits from User Control instead of from Page.We will declare the tree properties used in our markup, and base them on three corresponding fields.Now you have seen that, we do not have any code on the page but still the output is shown because all the logic is written in the User Control, we can use the same User Control at N numbers of times by defining unique Ids on the same page or on multiple pages.In a previous chapter, we looked at defining properties for our User Control, but events can be declared and used as well!

However, when the user selects through the navigation bar, an Ajax request is sent to the content page wrapped in an Ajax panel for updating.As mentioned, this control will be displaying information about a user, so let's get started adding some markup to do so: As you can see, it's all very basic.We have a declaration, some standard tags, some text, and then we have some sort of variables. Well, right now, they come from nowhere, since we haven't declared them yet. Open the Code Behind file for the User Control, that is, the one which ends on This allows you to encapsulate even more functionality inside your controls, and then let your page respond to certain events, triggered by the control, if necessary.For this chapter, we will create a new and very simple User Control, to illustrate how to create events.

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As parameters, we send this (a reference to the User Control it self) as the sender, and an empty Event Args parameter.

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