Updating ram in ibm thinkpad 600x

Instead it greeted me with the BIOS error code “161, 192, 163”, which is computer speak for “What the fuck, I can’t remember who or what I am.” I did a little googling and found that this Thinkpad uses a very standard battery for CMOS, the CR2025, which can be bought damn near anywhere.

After she got her Powerbook I installed Debian on it and used it as a backup laptop.All Lenovo T, X and R laptops have several bugs in the BIOS that are being actively fixed by Lenovo.For these laptops, BIOS updates are not optional if you find anything to not be working properly, be it the brightness control, or suspend to RAM, or volume keys.I had an old IBM Thinkpad that I bought used at a local computer show for Dena.A Pentium II 233Mhz with a 5G hard drive and 192M of PC100 RAM.

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