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That vision statement can’t be vague, but must capture the purpose of your project, defining the end goal for the project team.Once you have the vision clear, then you can break it down into more practical bits.All these documents delve into detail on the items you’ve broadly stroked out in your project statement.So, why do you need another document, isn’t it redundant?How often this happens depends on how current the team wants the plan to be.

A current project plan will show the effect of these changes on the overall project.A risk is a potential issue that may or may not happen in a project.Risk is not always negative, as there is such a thing as positive risk, and you should prepare for that as well.An issue is something that has already occurred in the project.Basically, a risk is future tense and an issue is present tense, but you have to be prepared for any and all eventualities when creating a project management charter.

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Follow our quick guide to writing and executing on your project management charter below, and be sure to get our free downloadable Word template to help make the process more efficient. Download Now The project management charter serves as a reference document. So, those are the broad strokes, and while a project statement doesn’t need to go into great detail, there is more to it than these general statements.

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