Updating heating cowls

A lot of common chimney cowls for stopping bird entry, rain entry or anti downdraught can be bought as which is great but again make sure at final checkout you haven’t navigated to one specifically for a particular fuel type that you don’t own.

The next step is to make sure you are working on the correct flue and pot.

There are a number of unobtrusive solutions on the market for this same purpose, and some of them are also meaning should you wish to change your fire to burn a different type of fuel you will not need to change the cowl again.

These are generally noticed in upstairs bedrooms and are even more common where the loft space has been converted, or the height of the roof between the apex and the ceiling is lower than other properties.

By far the most common chimney cowls I’m asked to fit are dual function, firstly to stop birds falling down the chimney and secondly to stop the rain blowing down the flue.

A low cost example of this would be the Mad Cowl or similar, and if you’re looking for the best chimney cowl to stop birds and rain it’s a good low cost solution.

A chimney cowl is normally a metal attachment that fixes to the top of a chimney pot to enhance or improve the basic function of the chimney pot or chimney flue, these improvements could be for example…

Wire balloon – Let’s start with the galvanized wire balloon, otherwise known as the ‘bird cage’.

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This is why it is of top importance to have the flue installed by a trained professional (a registered engineer), who knows everything about current safety and health regulations.

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