Updating dog microchip

Choose a person who will be able to collect your dog and, if necessary, make decisions about their welfare.Make sure you ask them first before adding their details, and you keep their contact information, as well as your own, up to date.If your number is found in one of the databases you will be directed to the database for further information.If your beloved pet is microchipped it is imperative your contact details are kept current with the microchip database.If your dog does get lost they'll be able to get in touch with the boarding service straight away instead of trying, and possibly failing, to contact you when you are away from home or abroad.

Lots of places can scan a dog's chip including a veterinary practice, dog warden, rescue centre and some boarding services.

Some people choose friends or family, others their trusted dog walker or boarder.

Before you go away on holiday you should add the contact details for the home boarder or kennel your dog is staying with.

If your pet is lost or injured the chances of it being found and scanned for a microchip are extremely high.

However, if your details are not up to date there will be no way for you to know someone has your pet.

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The cost varies between providers, see the table above.

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