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There is a a C/Perl library that will run quickly and there is a pure Perl API that is a little slower but does not require any C depdencies.

Choose one of the APIs and install it on your machine.: Each Geo IP database can be loaded entirely into memory or lookups can scan through the file.

The only data sent to Google includes the statistic numbers, legend names and country names.

Plugin provided with AWStats (6.0 ) Maxmind is a company that sells geolocation technology that matches IP addresses to countries, regions, cities and ISPs.

Country, City, ASNIf you choose to purchase a commercial database for country information, you only need to purchase the one with the greatest level of detail you want to appear in your report.

For example, if you only want country information, you can purchase just the Country database.

Put the link at the end of the parameter string and the report page will include the link with the full AS number at the end.You will find here description for different kinds of ressource files : - AWStats plugins - Other AWStats contribs/tools/package - Other Non AWStats contribs/tools (not related to AWStats but related to log analysis) - Documents on AWStats or related to log analysis Plugins are files you can put in your AWStats plugins directory to add new features.Note that you must enable the plugin by adding a new line in your config files to make it works (See Load Plugin parameter).All of their databses are available for an initial fee and a monthly update subscription and include greater accuracy and a higher frequency of updating.Some databases are available for free but they are not updated as often and may not be as accurate.

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