Updating address in deers

This means you should keep all your personal information - address, duty status, phone numbers, and email addresses - up to date.

It's important to review DEERS as soon as possible whenever you move or experience one of the following life events: Changing your contact information in DEERS is easy and can be done online at mil Connect (osd.mil/milconnect), by fax or mail, or in person at the nearest uniformed services identification (ID) card office.

Capabilities Provider - The directorate is responsible for identifying and providing capabilities, competencies, and capacity and developing standards for the staffing, training, equipping, sustaining, maintaining, and employing Coast Guard forces to meet mission requirements. Intelligence Community, and first responder during natural disasters – the Coast Guard leverages an expansive array of interagency, military, international, and industrial relationships for maximum strategic effect.

The United States Coast Guard National Command Center (NCC) mission is to maintain situational awareness of all major Coast Guard Operations world-wide and all significant external events or activities with potential Coast Guard or DHS equities. Armed Forces within the Department of Homeland Security. The Coast Guard legal program delivers high-quality legal advice and support to the people who carry out the varied functions of the Coast Guard to ensure their missions, operations and activities can be achieved within the spirit, as well as the letter, of the law.

The 8th District is responsible for Coast Guard activities in 26 states.

If replacing a lost or stolen ID you must first go the Visitors Center outside Tinker Gate, and complete a "Lost or Stolen" form 5. Use the drop-down menu under "Select a State" to select "OK" 4.

One thing you can't update yourself in DEERS is your duty status - only your Service can make those updates.

Whenever you have a change in your duty status, check DEERS to make sure it's accurate.

The 72nd Force Support Squadron ID card section is located in Bldg. Civilian retirees must bring in a DD form 52 and two forms of ID 4.

Credit cards, line badges and VA cards don't count. Newly retired military must bring a copy of their orders, their DD form 214 and two forms of ID 3.

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The 9th District is responsible for Coast Guard activities throughout the five Great Lakes, the Saint Lawrence Seaway and parts of the surrounding states including 6,700 miles of shoreline and 1,500 miles of the international border with Canada.

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