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You can enable or disable the features by toggling the setting in the file (File- setting, and set it to “Default” to enable the new Intelli Sense Engine (see the following screenshot).“Default” will become the true default for everyone when these features exit their experimental state.The “include Path” setting, which was formerly used by the tag parser, now controls the include paths for the new Intelli Sense engine.On opening any existing files, the value in the “include Path” is automatically copied into the “browse.path” setting.This will prevent it from restarting the service automatically, unless you restart it manually.

The “Add include path to settings” menu on the light bulb will take you to the setting to fit your scenario.You can also configure the “defines” setting in the c_cpp_file to define preprocessor symbols.Now if I save the change in the json file and switch back to the previous header file, the types are now resolved and the red squiggles are gone.In this update, we’re shipping Error Squiggles and Quick Info as “experimental features”.What this means is that they are turned on by default only for those using VSCode Insiders, and off by default for anyone else.

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🙂 The “C_cpp.error Squiggles” setting in the same file allows turning on or off the squiggle feature when the default Intelli Sense engine is used.

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