Tree ring dating techniques

Then there is the phloem, or outer layer of the tree.

The rings of a tree are the result of new growth occurring in the vascular cambium.

Dendrochronology is also important for art historians for their help in dating panel paintings, though there are limitations to what techniques can be used.

In addition to art history, dendrochronology can be used in the dating of buildings and other wooden structures.

History of Tree Ring Dating Tree rings were mentioned first by a Greek botanist named Theophrastus and later by Leonardo da Vinci.

Then, in the mid 1700s, French investigators began examining the effect of growing conditions on the shape of a tree's rings.

There are also certain types of trees that are more suitable for tree ring analysis than others.

Primary growth takes place at the tips of stems and roots and results in the tree growing taller.The study and dating of tree rings is called dendrochronology.Dendrochronologists are scientists who study tree rings to answer questions regarding the natural world and the place of humans in the world.One such dating method is known as the skeleton plot.The skeleton plot is one of the most commonly used method for crossdating tree rings.

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