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He said, "I've dated two and had a 'some' with one person."T. P explained, "Since I was 19, I've dated exactly three people.

I like speaking formally to her and not becoming too close," to which Kim Gu Ra responded, "You should date a government employee," making everyone laugh.

Though the rapper has been romantically linked to actresses and fellow idols including Krystal Jung and Shin Min-A, he never confirmed any of his romance rumors. P hit the headlines last June after he was found guilty of smoking marijuana.

P stay with us because this article might give you a chance to date your favorite Rapper turned actor. In one of his interviews, he revealed about the kind of girl he is looking for to start a relationship. He also hasn't introduced anyone as his girlfriend till date.

A picture taken by an onlooker also captured Yoo Hye Won hugging Seungri on the street.

Words are the Big Bang member is currently in a relationship with a rookie actress named Yoo Hye Won.

Because I am a public figure who is always exposed to people, I have to take extra care for my girlfriend.

I am at a age of a high energy, but now I want to concentrate more on my work."I once dated a girl who loves to drink.

P is deeply sorry for what he did and regrets it a lot.

He has currently suffered unrecoverable amounts of damage as a celebrity from an impulsive crime he committed previous to the army.

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P is by far the most reserved and private out of the five members and usually prefers not to talk about his love life in public, stating “I have few relationships since I became a singer, and I have never introduced my girlfriend even to my closest friends. When fans asked about the ideal age of the girl, he responded, “Not older than my mom and not a minor.

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