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Unlike Carer's Allowance where you are prevented from claiming if you are earning above a certain level (£123pw for 2019/20), for the Carer's Element your level of earnings does not prevent you from claiming.However, as the Carer's Element is a part of Universal Credit (UC), which is means-tested, your earnings and other income will affect whether you can get this and how much Universal Credit you are entitled to.

If you’re making a new claim, you can declare this during your application.

You’ll need to agree to do certain things to keep getting Universal Credit. Your commitment is based on your situation and may be affected by the outcome of your Work Capability Assessment.

You must report any change in circumstances straight away, including: You may still get Universal Credit if your condition changes and you can start working again.

Getting the Carer’s Element of Universal Credit might affect the benefits of the person you care for.

It might mean they lose their entitlement to the Severe Disability Premium.

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