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My first book, “How To Be A 3% Man” will teach you pickup, dating & relationship secrets to get an ex back, attract your dream lover or to improve a failing relationship.Direct link: My 2nd book, “Mastering Yourself” will help you to align your life with your true calling & reach your full potential.Adding external touch into your foreplay activities can be a great way to start getting used to the idea of anal penetrating someone, or being penetrated anally yourself.If you’ve got a vulva, be very careful about cross contamination.Whether alone or with a partner, you want to start with external anal stimulation.The anus, and area around the anus, is incredibly sensitive so touch to this area can be very pleasurable.

Otherwise bacteria can cause a variety of unpleasant infections.People end up in the emergency room with things stuck in their butt with alarming frequency. Even if you’re not ultimately interested in being on the receiving end of anal penetration, it can still be helpful to try it on yourself before you try it on your partner.Nothing really shows you how sensitive the area is, and how slowly you’ll need to go, like experiencing it for yourself.The first half was significantly better, but the entire book is so, so well-written! Mc Naught is truly a mistress of bringing characters to life and making you fall in love with them.Ramon is smoking hot despite the book still being PG/PG-13!

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