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And then I thought to myself, guys always go after the girls who are emotionally unavailable, too.

The bottom line here is that we are fascinated by things that aren’t at our fingertips, the things we can’t have, the things that seem out of reach.

I agree, the whole dating games are immature and childish, but they work. It's how you know you can dig your hooks into someone and make them think about you and what you might be up to, despite how painful and annoying they are.

But for some reason they just can’t stay away, and unfortunately, neither can I.And I like some reassurance that things are still going OK.Because of this, when I have to do the chasing, it usually ends in heartache, a couple bars of chocolate, a lot of tequila and a handful of new vengeful outfits for the weekend out.Unfortunately, the “game” of dating isn’t going away anytime soon, so to be a successful “player” in this never-ending game, you must learn how to play the right way.See, a lot of people have mastered this skill set, Unfortunately, I have not.

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Bottom line message here is that dating really sucks. Not everyone plays these stupid “reindeer games” as one of my cousins calls it, and you’re lucky if you find someone who doesn’t.

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