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In addition to volunteering at a local shelter, Kim was a founder and director of the New Orleans Metropolitan Battered Women’s Program.She served as an Assistant District Attorney in Orleans Parish, during which time she gained particular insight into the systemic challenges facing survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.She is also a founding board member and current co-chair of the Global Network of Women’s Shelters (GNWS). She brings NNEDV a wealth of experience in leadership, development and communications.Latifa Lyles, Vice President of External Relations President Obama appointed Latifa Lyles as Director of the Women’s Bureau at the U. She served as Vice President, chief fundraiser, development analyst, and media spokesperson over her eight years at the National Organization for Women (NOW), as senior fundraiser for the Public Justice Foundation (formerly Trial Lawyers for Public Justice), in policy associate roles for the Older Women’s League and the Association for Women in Science, and in event planning and media relations for a small PR firm.In addition to serving domestic violence survivors pro bono in private practice, Kim wrote state legislation addressing women’s concerns, including Louisiana’s first Domestic Abuse Assistance Act in 1983.

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