Taking things slow while dating

It sounds like you have been lonely for such a long time, so enjoy this woman.

But everybody starts to wonder at some point and time: “Soooooo, where is this going?? ” It’s nice when two people are on the same page and letting things flow, but when you’re the individual waiting in the wings for the other person to pick the “right time” or when they claim to be ready, that’s not so much fun.

I think it is so wonderful that you have met someone (or reconnected) who turned your “dormant heart and soul flowing again! You could act like a jerk, say something really offensive, or not treat her nicely, and that would mess things up.

” Before I get into taking things slowly, I want to address your fear that you are going to “mess things up.” My opinion is that is impossible. Those things are in your control, and seem like an improbability.

You don’t see any problem with seeing him almost every day right off the bat and sharing everything with him. Give your undivided attention: If you’re putting the breaks on things, and you still want the guy to pursue you, you need to show your interest when he is in front of you. That feels amazing for a man, and he will wait to have more.

Go to some outrageous restaurant like Hawaiian Tropic Zone and join the bikini beauty pageant yourself. The night will stay on his mind for a while, and so will you. Show him that he is the center of attention for the night.

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If you and this woman decide to see each other every night for the next month, it’s just going to happen that way.

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