Takeo spikes dating t boz

As an author, Watkins released the book Thoughts in November 3, 1999.

The book is collection of poems as well as essays discussing her life experiences.

At that time she had 17 tracks completed and was planning on recording at least 30 songs before she selects the final track listing.

T-boz has also collaborated with other artists over the years.

At the moment there is no word whether or not Watkins and Thomas would play themselves.

An upcoming TLC-related television program is also in the works, as well as a book that Watkins is currently in the midst of writing.

During the interview, she also spoke about TLC's future as a band, stating it was not likely that there will ever be another album from the group but that there will possibly be a farewell tour sometime before she releases her solo project.

Watkins has also put in an appearance on Thomas' song "Gameproof".

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She also made a couple of appearances in TV's Living Single (in one episode, TLC appeared as themselves in Overton's dream sequences).

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