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WARNING: Execute the DFS migration on the Domain Controller which has the PDC-emulator role.

As a consultant I see a lot of customers, which are running Windows 2008 or higher domains/forest functional levels and unconsciously still using the old FRS-replication technique.

When the domain/forest functional level is raised to Windows 2008 or higher the SYSVOL replication doesn’t automatically upgrades to DFSR. This is also the case when you install a brand new domain with Windows 2012 R2 DC’s and configure the forest/domain functional level to Windows 2003 R2 or lower.

In a domain with functional level of Windows 2003 R2 you can introduce Windows 2003 R2 Domain Controllers and since they don’t have DFSR technology the Windows 2008 or higher DC’s fall back to FRS to communicate with the 2003 R2 DC’s in your domain.

Since the introduction of Windows Server 2008, Microsoft moved away from FRS replication and introduced DFS replication for SYSVOL.

With the introduction of Windows Server 2016 the old FRS SYSVOL replication is deprecated.

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