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Preparing for his Azov campaign and the construction of the Russian fleet, he ordered general-admiral Apraxin "to construct Lipsky iron works upstream the Voronezh river in Romanov district for the needs of fleet and the whole region".

At the end of the XIX century iron ore deposits attracted both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The output of iron that year was the highest and made 6952711 poods.

Since 1915 till 1917 the mill performed military orders. On February 3, the first mill management was formed.

The equipment was supplied and assembled by leading pipe casting companies of Germany and France (Buderus and Pont-a-Mousson).During the World war II the works fulfilled military orders, and the basic equipment was evacuated.In the post-war period the blast furnace was reconstructed and was put into operation by the personnel of the works.On September 26, 1911 it put into operation the first blast furnace.On February 1, 1913 the concessionaires put into operation the second blast furnace.

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