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While a lot of geeks love cosplay, we want to suggest that your first profile picture isn't of you in a costume.If you're wearing a costume more often than you're not in your life, that's a different story, but typically your main photos should be accurate representations of what you look like in your day to day life.We know that geeks are typically shy, so the internet makes dating easier.Check out these geek dating site reviews on to find the best ones.So instead of potentially making things awkward in your TNG community, you can simply look to find a date from a local database of geeks who you know for a fact are interested in hooking up with other geeks (like you) in your area.In the early days of geek dating sites, there weren't as many as there are now, so your choices weren't quite as plentiful as they are now.

So there are a lot of things to consider, but our team has taken many of those things into account when researching the dating sites below.

Online communities are among the most popular things that geeks use the internet for.

When your interests aren't as popular as say, your local sports team, and you don't know anyone in your area who you can talk to about your favorite TV shows, bands, computer programming language, etc.

There are lots of different ways to go about deciding which ones are best for you.

Maybe you want to sign-up for the geek dating site that has the most single geeks in your area.

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  1. These ice-breakers include one liners like a simple "Hi! In general, new members will be eligible if they post an approved searchable profile and primary photo; and communicate with at least 5 different people each month.