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In addition, it is your responsibility to determine and satisfy copyright or other use restrictions, which may include paying fees for commercial use. For further information about permissions, use, and ordering reproductions, see Order Reproductions, or contact Archives and Special Collections, University of Louisville. When a photographer died or went out of business, the negatives were then sold to other photographers or to publishers.

Pat Wilburn, these stereographs primarily feature the built environment of Louisville and Kentucky, including views of the destruction caused by the 1890 tornado.To modern viewers, they serve as "a primary source for the study of nineteenth-century social history, reflecting social conventions and cultural values." (Fife) A number of websites offer tips on viewing stereographs without the use of a stereoscope. This digital collection, which may be periodically updated with additional images, currently includes the following collections.Duplicates have been eliminated, and stereograph backs are only displayed if they contain explanatory text other than publication information.Some photographers did use this instrument to exhibit photographs, but it was not until the development of the lenticular stereoscope in 1850 by Sir William Brewster that stereographs became popular.They reached their height of popularity between 18 but continued to be created until as late as 1940.

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