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i AS is a high speed, pre-measurement module that can be integrated between the coater/developer and the NSR-S631E or S635E scanners.

i AS provides feed forward alignment results for all shots on every wafer.

The company is bold and simple, highlighting the company name in a shade of blue representative of one of the colors of the Romanian flag, on a bold, silver-tone graphic.

The modern logo of this Korean General Motors brand still bears the crown-shaped emblem from the company's early days.

Ian Compass can regularly be found participating in events for the Nebo Novelists writing group.

The colors beneath the name represent the Italian flag.

Street Racing Technology (SRT) is a Chrysler brand.

The logo features the brand's initials (and common name) in a slanted shape that indicates speed.

The shape is similar to that of a now defunct, but once popular, football club in South Korea. The modern version features a lion above the company's name.

The metallic color represents the brand's values, which are excellence, emotion, and allure.

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The Skoda insignia is an encircled arrow with wings beneath the brand name.

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