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Standing, left to right: Kay Jennings, Betty de Giers, Esther Peirce, Jenelle Wilhite, Ellen Mc Elroy, Denny Den- ison, Margaret Ann Martin, Connie Durschlac. Mary Virginia Hornor, Jeanne Langworthy, Marolyn Mackemer, Dorothy Bryn, Shirley Levis, Betty Berdahl. Jean Holden— Has discovered in one of her chemical experiments, how high is up. We do resent it though, when they turn back, glance at the barred window's, and. — 129 — PERHAPS NOWHERE IN OUR DAILY LIVES IS COORDINATION BETWEEN MIND AND MUSCLE MORE MANIFEST THAN IN athletics, WHERE PSYCHO- LOGICAL AND PHYSIOLOGICAL PROC- ESSES OF ACTIVITY ARE BROUGHT CONSTANTLY IN CORRELATION.

Bottom Row: Ethel Macdonald, Jean Hol- den, Carolyne Sandlin, Charlotte Stout, Frances Perrottet, Patricia Pritchard, Mary Ellis Weaver, Jean Herbert. Mary \ irginia Hornor — Mary Virginia Hornor, sat in a corner, Eating her curds and whey; Along came Jack, hut he sat on a tack, So he took Mary Virginia away. NATION FOOTBALL Climaxing a brilliant season with a 6-6 tie against rival Stetson University which insured them second place ranking in the 1938 Florida grid race, the Rollins Tars amassed one of their best records last fall since genial Jack Mc Dowall took over the football fortunes here ten years ago.

WALTER ROYALL Yarmouth, Maine Sigma Nu Activities: International Relations Cluh "38, "39; A Cappella Choir '36, '38, '39; German Club "36, "37; Flamingo "38; Rollins Male Quartet and Octelle '36, '37; Florida Poetry Society, '36, '37, '38, '39. Vice-President; President, X Club '39; ke\ Society; Student Coun- cil '38. Student \ssociat ion '39; [n- terfraternity Council: \ ice-Presidenl '38, Secretary ".

SUSANNE PICK West Bend, Wisconsin Pi Beta Phi Activities: Student Council; Pi Beta Phi, Vice- President; Social Service Committee; International Relations Club; German Club; Flying Club; Crew; Sandspur. Lowell, Massachusetts Kappa Alpha Activities: Varsity Crew '37, 38, "39; Varsity Swim- ming "36.

Sikeston, Missouri Theta Kappa Nu Activities: International Relations Club "36, 37; Peace Society "36. LILAH VIRGINIA NELSON Leesburg, Florida Phi Mu Activities: Student Council '39; Chapel Staff "36; A Cappella Choir "36, "37, "38; Student Union Com- mittee; Phi Mu, Treasurer "38, Vice-President '39.

A snappy little reporter whose gossip column causes men to go out with their wives — for a change. The lads of Mc Dowall accounted for six victories, one tie and two defeats during the regular playing season against a schedule rated as one of the toughest ever attempted by a Rollins gridiron aggregation.

Still retains all of her youthful glamor and beauty, thanks to Luzier's make-up. In a post-season game against the University of Havana in Cuba, the Tars triumphed again.

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