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After that, she is able to concentrate, producing a well-rounded opinion on changing history.In "Breast Cancer Show Ever", Wendy gives a speech to her class, in order to raise awareness for breast cancer during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October).Although Cartman does manage to get a few hits in, Wendy turns the tide of the fight after ramming Cartman's face into a metal pole, multiple times, leaving Cartman lying in a pool of his own blood.The significance of this is debatable as Cartman has been shown to lose the majority of fights he gets in. She has started and joined many campaigns, groups, and debates over the course of the show.

Wendy has shown herself to be a fairly decent fighter, beating up Cartman after he repeatedly made jokes about Breast Cancer in "Breast Cancer Show Ever".In "Informative Murder Porn", Wendy attempts to give a report on Syrian refugees to her class, only to again be heckled by Cartman; his booing her became a running gag throughout the episode.She also spoke at a town meeting moderated by Kyle and Stan on "murder porn" and its ties to a real life murder in town.She also has long, black hair with choppy, uneven bangs.Under her jacket, she has been shown to be wearing a light purple tank-top in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", and a white tank top with a unicorn on it in "Breast Cancer Show Ever".

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