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Some reports suggested that out-of-state same-sex couples would marry in California prior to the 2008 elections because California does not require the marriage to be valid in the couple's home state.The ballot initiative, Proposition 8, a state constitutional amendment titled Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry Act, but ultimately upheld the amendment, though the over 18,000 couples that were married in the time before Proposition 8 was passed remained valid.Like the statutes amended by AB 849, Prop 22 prohibited the state from recognizing same-sex marriages, but as an initiative statute, it was not affected by AB 849.The Legislature avoided physically delivering the bill to the Governor for over two weeks, during which time advocacy groups urged Schwarzenegger to change his mind.As of June 2015, same-sex marriages are recognized and performed in California as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v.Hodges, which overturned all laws prohibiting same-sex marriage on a federal level.It failed to garner enough votes for passages and died in the Assembly.

Proposition 22 was formally cited as The California Defense of Marriage Act.The bill passed 23-5 in the state Senate and 68-2 in the Assembly.It was signed on August 17, 1977 by Governor Jerry Brown.Since 1994, this language is found in § 300 of the Family Code, which in 2015 was repealed.AB 167, authored by Assemblyman John Burton, would've deleted gender requirements enacted in 1977.

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