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i havent had to post on here for ages but sadly im back, im 10 weeks pg so my hormones are raging and i need some help to get my paranoid insecure head around this!

dp gets quite a few crappy emails in his junk mail from sex/chat/date sites and other weird medical sites offering to make his manhood bigger (i find those quite funny) i know they are from when he has looked at porn in the past which is something that does offend me but i know most blokes to it sometimes but he hasnt for ages or he is very good at covering his tracks.

Dp does look at porn sometimes which I hate and when I found these emails I went up the wall with him as I truly believed he was cheating.

He denied all knowledge of these sites and these emails and after reading this now I think these are probably just spam, thankfully.

I too have oodles of junk from similar and I can assure you I do not subscribe to porn/sex chat etc.

Here are some reasons: His email is in plain view on the internet somewhere and has been harvested by a spambot You have spyware on your PCHis email has been bought by a spammer and past onto other spammers.hi its awfuls isnt it, i hate snooping and checking up its no good for a relationship, he leaves his hotmail acct signed in so its not like he trys to hide anything, ive blocked all the junk emails so no more will come from the email addresses he has already received but i know they will just come from others.And if he has been on something for whatever reason he knows now that it really really upsets me and makes me feel so inadequate and threatened that if he does love me like he says he does and has any respect for me he will not do this again, although i know he has figured out how to do private browsing so he can get away with it if he really wants to.The thing is he is not very adventurous in bed and has never talked dirty to me!!but then i think maybe he has created an alter ego with his imaginary friends on the chat sites??

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feeling a bit better about it nowthanks Hotmail is a bloody nightmare for spam, and you do get emails like that coming through from time to time.

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