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They have two standards of pronunciation, both of them CHINESE WORDS.

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Usage decrees that the same word shall be pronounced according to the Go-on in some con- texts, and according to the Kan-on in others. " a great name"), is the same as the mei of mei-butsu, " the chief production of a locality (lit. The practical student will do best to learn words by rote, without troubling himself whether each term, if Chinese, be in the Go-on or in the Kan-on. The effect of the steady influx of Chinese words during more than a millennium has been to discredit the native Japanese equivalents even when they exist. Wa-sei, "Japanese made," rather] than j ** Yo-Bei, "Europe and America," ( Yoroppa to Ame- rather than \ rika to.

One of these is called the Go-on, the other the Kan-on, from the names of certain ancient Chinese kingdoms. In this case myo is the Go-on, mei the Kan-on of the same Chinese character , which in China itself is pro- nounced ming.

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