Sedan service sports dating black car

brick red with tan bed and black metal disc wheels.

The original blue paint shows wear, BUT, the tires and body are perfect.

includes driver figure and fireman standing in rear to aim the nozzle (note that he has a "step" to stand on).

orange with blue stake bed and gold metal disc wheels.

small 1/2" tear in lower right edge of front cover.

the transport is the version with single tires - no dualies. who is the president of a local history society in Plymouth. Dating is a bit difficult because people are hiding the identification features but rounded bonnet and non-detachable wheels suggest this is a Difficult one. Then advice from Florin that it may be a Graf & Stift. First bus to leave village" which is quite inaccurate. Francis Midway was a local MP continuously from 1885 to 1922. This photo is of an American car built in Detroit but sold from Canada. Dealers catalog - not available to the general public. 10 different boxed gift sets; large individually boxed vehicles. red with black running board, gold radiator and steering wheel.

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complete with silver dashboard and black steering wheel.

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