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I would suggest maybe re-installing your browser because this definitely appears to be a local issue, but not affiliated with the css itself.First, make sure the page you are uploading is saved on your computer or server.Alternatively, you could clear your browser's cache, which is also covered by the wiki article. Now refresh your page as usual, and you'll see all http request like this: If the css file status is 304, means browser ask the server the css file, and server says: "no, you don't need to ask me, I gave you the css file before, it has not changed." If the css file status is 200, but the size is Depending on the browser, it might be a caching problem.There may be a setting in your browser that is preventing the Cache from updating. The reason I ask, is Firefox and Chrome handle this way differently.Any ideas why I cant just refresh and see the CSS changes instead of closing the window and reopening? Bypass_your_cache The idea is to bypass your browser's cache.Different browsers handle this differently, and this wiki article has a nice walk-through for each major browser on how to do this.If you continue to encounter issues, try to clear all of the Internet browsers cache (history).

I have been rolling the new clients out from our brand new server (using NT client install), running SAV 9.0.

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