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Ryoo Seung-beom also handles himself particularly well as ruthless agent Dong Myeong-soo, conveying an unsettling villainy with cocky self-assurance that serves as a great counterpoint to Jong-seong’s naivety.

It is acutely fitting that star Han Seok-Kyu features within the film as older South Korean agent Jin-soo, almost forming as an angrier, more frustrated extension of the prior character.

The distinctly European style coffee shops and restaurants, the lively streets and the shadowy alleyways all converge to portray the German capital as a hub of culture and intrigue, and one where danger lies at every turn.

Placing a North Korean agent as the ‘hero’ of takes it a step further by emphasizing Jong-seong as more active than his South Korean counterpart Jin-soo, despite the corruption that blights them both.

It has a different shape from the old to the long-haired long-haired beard and tanned skin that goes down to the chest.

Ryu Seung-wan est un jeune réalisateur coréen qui à débuté dans le métier en 2000 en tant qu'acteur et réalisateur dans le film "Die Bad".

Yet Jong-seong and Myeong-soo come into conflict, tensions reach breaking point when the CIA, Mossad, Arabic forces and the South Korean agency all enter the fray, leading to a violent showdown.

Similarly the choice of Berlin is a masterstroke given its history, and director Ryoo films the city as if it were a character itself.2019-06-26T.785Z Actor Ryu Seung-beom's extraordinary status has attracted the attention of the netizens.Yesterday, a photo of Ryu Seung-bum came up on the SNS of a fashion brand.However, the director must be congratulated for the scale of the film, not only for filming in a foreign country with the inclusion of several languages, but also for featuring a North Korean spy as the hero of the film.After a weapons deal in Berlin goes wrong, top North Korean agent Pyo Jong-seong (Ha Jeong-woo (하정우) attempts to flee the scene.

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