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Today, if you have the opportunity to visit the Royal Bayreuth factory, you will witness for yourself the history, craftsmanship, and genius that makes this porcelain so interesting.

For an extensive history of Royal Bayreuth, consult Mary Mc Caslin's Royal Bayreuth, Book 1.

Several devastating fires experienced by the company during that time destroyed the factory, offices, molds and records which effectively stopped most of the manufacturing of their unique novelty wares (and exclusive finishes) exported around the world.

Much of the information regarding their process was forever lost or too expensive to recreate at that point.

Just as fascinating are the wide number of collector items that the factory has produced.

Additional figural shapes include shells, fruits, flowers and leaves.

Mc Caslin From: Antique Publications Paperback ISBN: 1-57080-080-4 Hardback ISBN: 1-57080-081-2 Size: 8 1/2" x 11" Illustrations: 1,500 color photos, 250 pages Published 2000 Popular Royal Bayreuth for Collectors By: Douglas Congdon-Martin & Robert Bernstein From: Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

A brief overview for you: Royal Bayreuth (RB) is a truly unique, hard white-paste porcelain manufactured in Tettau, Germany, predominantly from 1795 through 1917.

All are hand-painted; some have applied decals, metallic gold, silver or pearlized accents.

They are found in hundreds of sizes, shapes, colors and patterns.

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Much of the actual documentation was destroyed by the previously mentioned factory fires.

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