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Break the Cycle is proud to have been granted the Love is Not Abuse campaign from Fifth and Pacific (formerly Liz Claiborne, Inc.).

It is thus with great pleasure that we present their years of hard work and research excellence: finds that a significant majority of corporate executives and their employees from the nation's largest companies recognize the harmful and extensive impact of domestic violence in the workplace, yet only 13% of corporate executives think their companies should address the problem.

finds Approximately two-thirds of Americans say it is hard to determine whether someone has been a victim of domestic abuse (64%) and want more information about what to do when confronted with domestic violence (65%).

The workplace romance is becoming a thing of the past, with just one in 10 couples (11%) meeting this way.

This occurs most commonly with employees who are at different levels of the organization.

For example, when a junior level employee dates a manager.

Follow these best practices for regulating dating, setting boundaries, and maintaining a professional work environment.

Employers can regulate workplace romance by implementing a formal relationship policy.

Having a formal process in place keeps staff safe from harassment and other potential hazards of dating in the workplace.

For HR professionals, dating in the workplace can be a tricky topic.

It’s a problematic intersection between protecting employees from sexual harassment and remaining respectful and avoiding overbearing rules.

Companies outside of California have the right to implement a “No Fraternization” policy, which prohibits coworker dating.

If an employee is caught in an office romance they “could get fired on the spot,” says Marissa Levin from Inc.

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