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All of these factors go to make Ethiopia a fascinating and rich environment spiritually.

And it is within this context that the life of Emperor Haile Selassie and emergence of the Rastafari movement begins to reveal itself. It is only through my friendship over the last few years with musicians such as Pato Banton, Antionette Hall and Ras I Ray that I have been exposed to the Reggae music scene.

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I did not get a chance this time to visit Lalibela, the world-famous UNESCO site north of Addis, with its elaborate ancient Churches of mysterious origins that locals still claim were carved out of the rock by angels. The roots of Christianity in Ethiopia actually predate Europe going back to the time of the Apostles – both Christian and Muslim tradition holds that Matthew and Andrew travelled to Ethiopia to spread the Gospel.

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Rasta Science Teacher (a.k.a Rasta Professor) is an image macro series based on a picture of a class instructor wearing dreadlocks and a Rasta fashion hat.

Being a land-locked country and somewhat isolated in relation to other churches, this means that Christianity in Ethiopia has existed practically unchanged for 18 centuries.

On Sunday morning in Addis after we had all arrived we attended St George’s Church – this was the site of the grand occasion of the coronation of Haile Selassie in 1930.

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