Quicken not updating

Last year, Quicken 2018 made headlines by going subscription-only.

Before, you had up to three years to use the software.

Since it’s a 9 value, this effectively further reduces your cost of using the latest version of Quicken.

However, when compared to a free service that can do most of what Quicken can do, it becomes a much harder sell.

However, now you must subscribe and pay on an annual basis.

After your subscription period ends, the online services will no longer work.

Long term, I’m not sure what to make of this news or what it means for the future of Quicken.

However, in the two years since the sales, there have been a number of improvements made to Quicken.

To be fully transparent to our readers, I no longer use Quicken on a daily basis and have switched to using Personal Capital instead.

Overall, this change makes sense for Quicken, since before it had to support at least three versions of the old software, which was a maintenance and tech support nightmare.

This change gets the entire user base on the same version at all times.

Reconciliation and online bill pay aren’t available with these types of services.

To be fair, most banks offer online bill pay via their websites or mobile apps, so the need for online bill pay with your personal finance software has waned.

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