Psp froze while updating

Most operating systems freeze up occasionally, and frozen tablets can be turned off in several ways, which tend to follow a few similar paths.Your user manual can help you determine which ways work for your tablet. The app you're using might have a bug that locks up the app or the tablet, or you could have too many programs open at once, for example.Also, check your operating system -- it could be that you're running an old version that isn't compatible with some more recent programs or apps.Depending on why your tablet is frozen, pressing the "Power" button -- sometimes called the "Sleep/Wake" button -- might turn it off.This might be choosing the words "Turn Off" or touching the battery icon to access the proper drop-down menu.Shutting down your tablet also turns off the app causing the trouble.I timed it on my system: it took a bit more than ten minutes for the download, PSP operating system version 1.52.

Widgets, which run constantly in the background to continually update, might be slowing down your device to the point that it locks up.

It will not allow me to turn it off, either with the remote or by pressing the button itself.

It was left overnight, and has progressed no further.

To configure a network access point, press Home then move to Network Update, then you get to the configuration screen that asks for the WLAN Settings (the default is to enter an SSID), choose “Scan” instead and let the PSP identify all the wireless networks it can see.

Choose whichever one has the strongest signal and indicates “None” (not “WEP”) for “Encryption”.

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