Playstation network trophies not updating

Do note that in order to carry out this procedure, you must be signed up for the Sony Rewards Program, and have your Play Station account linked to it.Also, the program is currently only available in the United States.Just to put things into perspective, that is enough value for you to get an indie game.So while the payout might not be a lot, the fact that you get some effective return for all those hours of gameplay is really good.“ PM Whenever I try to connect my PS3 to the Play Station Network, I get error code 8001050f.I still have internet access, my PS3 has an IP address, I can browse the web via the PS3. However the PSN is definitely up and running, because my roommate also has a PS3 and his PSN works fine, we even plugged mine into his connection downstairs and I still got the same problem.” Much the same reports are on the same forum tonight.The Sony Rewards program recently launched a new feature allowing players to exchange Play Station Network trophies into real-world credits.According to Kotaku, the different PSN trophies will be equivalent to certain point denominations.

Now, thanks to the newly added section on the Sony Rewards Program, users can redeem these trophies in exchange for real money.

I had about 30% of the trophies for the game…but I can’t even play it right now to see if it still works.

I have also been unable to sync my trophies with the server as the connection has timed out, so I’m not sure the trophies are still even there.” Sony updates started 5 hours ago via twitter: But ironically some tech blogs 3 hours before that last twitter post had reported slim units fine all night.

Acquiring enough points would require some dedication since trophies are not always easy to get.

On the other hand, smaller denominations could still be used to purchase music or movies.

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Since that last message, Sony hasn’t yet updated to its Play Station twitter account.

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