Playstation 3 updating problems

The drives only last on average 1-3 years with average use, sometimes less.

MAJORITY of you with this problem will unfortunately have to replace the blu-ray laser in order to get your machine back in working order. Lots of people think they're super sensitive, they're not.

When you've done this the PS3 will detect the hard drive as a "new" drive and will format it with all the correct settings.

Once this is done, swap them back and the PS3 will perform the same process again.

Here's what I suggest you try just in case it's something else causing the problem. The advantage of using one of these is that you won't have to open the PS3, which for some can be a pain.

If that didn't work, Sony has always suggested a firmware update / and or a System Restore.

It can be found here: Yellow Light of Death Fixes Most of his suggestions are great, but unfortunately for most of you, they won't fix the problem because it's a defect similar to the Xbox RROD problem.

For most the problem lies in the Graphics Processor Unit or RSX chip.

Heat causes the chip to come off the board a tiny-tiny bit and that's all it takes.

If you don't have the receipt or it's past one year then you're at a crossroads.

You can try and repair the PS3 yourself, but then you'll void the warranty once you remove the warranty seal.

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The upside is that you could potentially save yourself a good deal of time bypassing Sony's tech support line, waiting for a box to arrive, mailing out the box and then paying $150 dollars for something you could have fixed for much much less or better yet, FREE.

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